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  • What about temperature stability when using COOLNOMIX® ?
    Our patented Optimized Refrigerant Supply (ORS®) process incorporates a priority on delivering the required room/space temperature -comfort will not be compromised in order to achieve savings-. In fact, COOLNOMIX® typically improves temperature control, the dual temperature sensor approach usually limits room temperature variations to +/- 0.5°C (vs. +/- 1-2 °C without COOLNOMIX® in control)
  • Is the air-conditioner warranty being invalidated by retrofitting COOLNOMIX® ?
    COOLNOMIX® simply acts as an intelligent thermostat, sending only “cooling required” or “not required” signals to the manufacturer’s air conditioner control system which remains fully in control. It doesn’t interfere with the cooling system control board which is left intact and operates as normal.
  • Does the increased stop-start of the compressor introduced by COOLNOMIX® damage the compressor?
    Our ORS® process includes specific protection against: a) frequent stop-start of the compressor and assurance that every re-start is always a soft-start, and b) will always run for a minimum of 3 minutes to prevent compressor short cycling. As a result, there is no adverse effect on the operational life of the cooling system compressor. Furthermore, the life span of a compressor is calculated in total hours of usage (not by start/stop cycles).
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